How to Specify Dockerfile for gcloud builds submit

gcloud builds submit command submits a build to the GCP Cloud Build service and uses the Dockerfile from the build context. Sometimes, we may want to specify the Dockerfile while running the command. For instance, in one of my projects, I have Dockerfile.stage and that I want to use separately with gcloud builds submit […]

Where Does Helm Store Repository Information Locally?

When we execute the helm repo add command, where is the repository information (name, URL, index.yaml, etc.) stored locally? To find that out, hit the following command: The HELM_REPOSITORY_CONFIG path is where the repository information is stored when you helm repo add or helm repo update. This file includes the URL, authentication details, etc. The […]

What is GCP Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP)?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a product called Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP) that helps guard access to your applications running on App Engine, Cloud Run, Compute Engine, GKE or On-premises (outside GCP in your own data centres or a different cloud provider). Think OAuth-based authentication right at the load balancer level before a request is able […]

Cookie (Max) Size and Number Limit

Some commonly asked questions are: To understand these limits, let’s first look at what the official specification, i.e., RFC 6265 has to say. According to it, a browser must provide a minimum of the following: We know the minimum limits now. As far as maximum limits are concerned, it doesn’t really matter because each browser […]