Using Source Code Pro Font in VS Code on macOS

Visual Studio Code will only have access to fonts (font-family) that are installed on your system by default and Source Code Pro isn’t one of them. To add Source Code Pro to your VS Code programming experience, on macOS, we will have to first download the font files, then install them and then finally configure VS Code to use it.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the font resources from Github. Click on Code > Download Zip.
  2. Extract the zip on your local machine.
  3. Use the macOS Font Book font manager app to quickly add the font. This app is installed by default. So open it, click on the + icon and select the extracted folder from step 2.
  4. Finally, change the Font Family in your VS Code user settings. You can do this in Preferences > Settings or modify the User/settings.json directly by putting { "editor.fontFamily": "Source Code Pro" }.


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