Vim Check Current Value of an Option Setting

We can ask Vim to show or display the current value of an option by appending a ? with :set {option}. The official syntax is :se[t] {option}?.

" Get current value of a single option
:set number?
" Outputs something like:
" number (if number option is on)
" nonumber (if number option is off)

" Get current value of multiple options
:set expandtab? tabstop? wrap?
" Outputs:
" noexpandtab
"   tabstop=8
"   wrap

For the second version shown above, this is what the output will look like:

  • expandtab is a boolean option which is off (noexpandtab).
  • tabstop is an option that takes a value set to 8.
  • wrap is another boolean option which is on in this case.

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